An excerpt from an interview with a sponsor from ABC magazine's third issue.

Kristin Helga Gunnarsdottir is a renowned writer and a former news reporter who sponsors Sonaina who studies in Chak school in Pakistan. We asked Kristin how she got to know about ABC Children's Aid.

"I had heard about the organization from here and there, including the media. I followed it from a distance and admired the work that was being done. I'm one of those people who's always intending to do good and not just send happy thoughts to those who have a tough time."

Kristin and her mother wanted to sponsor a child from Pakistan. Kristin had worked as a news reporter for a TV station in Iceland and she followed closely the political climate in Pakistan and it's torrid relationship with Afghanistan and India. She felt the plight of women was extremely dire and wanted to sponsor a girl in need of help. "It's the least I can do. We here in Iceland enjoy such privilege and we could do a lot more then we're doing." Kristin says.

Kristin speaks highly of ABC Children's Aid and says it's the kind of organization that makes her have faith in mankind's ability to do the right thing. "Together we can do this," she says.



We're very happy to inform everyone that the number of sponsors grew considerably in the year 2016.

Here are pictures of Christmas celebrations in the ABC schools in Pakistan.




We wish everyone a happy new year.

Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and benefactors.

Soon the year will be over and it‘s always fun looking back. This is the 28th year of ABC and it was a good one. We have a great deal of benefactors who contributed a lot this year.

Go Near Ministry raised money to repair the well that provides water for the area around the ABC school in Namelok in Kenya. The goal was to reach 10.000 dollars but over 12.000 was eventually raised. An Icelandic benefactor made beautiful dresses and sent them to Uganda and the students were very happy while trying them on.

Forty-two runners raised money for ABC in the annual Reykjavik Marathon and 115.000 ISK were raised. Three lovely girls came out of nowhere and gave us money that they had raised by walking door to door in their hometown collecting donations for the organization. High school students in the Capital area did a school project on ABC called „Let‘s be helpful“ and received top marks. And students in a middle school outside Reykjavik held a bingo event and raised 30.000 ISK and donated the money to ABC.

Last but not least we can‘t neglect to mention our annual fundraiser, Children help children, where students ages 10-12 all over the country go around their neighborhoods and also visit local businesses to collect donations for ABC. This year they raised 7.893.460 ISK and we are eternally grateful to these important ambassadors.

Early this year an Icelandic company, Tengill ehf, gave ABC 91 computers and they were sent to Burkina Faso where they were put to good use.

Volunteers at home and abroad assisted in many capacities. Employees from a large bank were given the chance work one day a year for a non-profit organization and every staff member from a particular branch donated their workday to our Second Hand Store. Icelandic volunteers among others did tremendous work in Burkina Faso during the installation of a huge water tank, installation of more solar panels and during the construction of a new college building which is three stories high.

We greatly thank our benefactors and volunteers.


The year 2016 was another good year for ABC and as always we thank our sponsors dearly for their contribution.

In the new ABC magazine there is an interview with two volunteers who headed to Uganda to do field work in the ABC schools. The following is an exerpt from the interview.

Bergthora Baldursdottir and Thrudur Gudmundsdottir replied to an ad on Facebook which offered the chance to voluteer on ABC‘s behalf in Uganda. In the end the two best friends were selected. „My mom posted the ad on my Facebook wall and I applied. Never thought I‘d be chosen,“ says Thrudur. She didn‘t want to head out alone so she encouraged her best friend Bergthora to apply as well. „In the end I applied as well but at the last minute,“ says Bergthora. Thanks to good timing they were both able to go.


ABC Children‘s Aid has been operating in Uganda since 1992. Bergthora and Thrudur were mostly documenting the circumstances of families and photographing children in hopes of getting sponsors. „We did a little bit of everything to begin with and then it became more focused later on,“ says Bergthora. It wasn‘t easy to witness the living conditions of many families but before long  they adjusted to it. „We had been in the country for some time and in a way we‘d gotten used to it,“ says Bergthora. „It was just kind of routine. You‘d wake up, have breakfast, kids were playing, people were going to work. It‘s just on a different scale. Life went on no matter the circumstances,“ says Thrudur.

The two best friends were very impressed with the ABC schools. „It‘s clear that the money goes directly to helping the children,“ says Bergthora and she noticed that the standard in the schools was high compared to other schools in Uganda. Thrudur was somewhat amazed at the busy schedule for the students. „The children are in school for 10 hours a day but they get a lot to eat, they play and learn a lot,“ she says.


They were both very happy with their experiences in Uganda and can easily imagine themselves doing more of this kind of work in the future.


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