ABC Children's Aid and Children's Mission in Sweden work together closely and the two organizations share a working relationship that dates back over a quarter of a century. Anders Olsson fundraising co-ordinator, Annika Larsson administrator and Nadja Osmolovskaya financial manager paid us a visit and spent three days here at ABC headquarters getting further acquainted with our staff and operations.

They were very pleased with their visit and especially enjoyed experiencing The Blue Lagoon. They were also very impressed with our Second Hand store and couldn't resist purchasing a few things.

Children's Mission shares the same vision as ABC while also possessing a broader range of operations and immense experience in emergency assistance in disaster areas. By working close with one another the two organizations are able to help more children and families live a life in dignity.

ABC Children's aid has launched a new sponsorship software. The given name is STYRKUR, translated as STRENGTH, and it will make all daily operations easier as well as better relay information to staff and sponsors. The software was designed by Exigo ehf.

STYRKUR is a powerful software for ABC. "The new software makes easier all communications to sponsors and offers a more detailed record of the children's academic record", says Fridur Birna Stefansdottir, manager of ABC Children's aid. The new software offers a variety of ways to look for a child to sponsor, for example it is possible to search for a specific birthday that coincides with a sponsor's own child etc.

Thousands of sponsors help realize ABC's goal of educating poor children and this new software will enable us to better communicate with them.

Hinrik and Gully, our team leaders and field workers in Bobo in Burkina Faso, are busy welcoming new students. School is set to start October 7th which is five days later than originally intended.

The situation in Ouagadougou appears to have calmed down after the leader of the coup, General Gilbert Diendere, surrendered himself to the authorities yesterday. An uneasy situation presented itself last Tuesday when the presidential army, the coup leaders, took refuge and refused to disarm. They suffered heavy gunfire from the National Army and abandoned their base. At least 11 people died and over 270 were injured in protests triggered by the coup.


The situation in Burkina Faso is calming down but nine days ago the presidential guards seized control and placed President Michel Kafando and Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida under arrest. The coup leaders have vowed to stop and the President has confirmed that he's been reinstated.

We here at ABC Iceland have learned that everything is getting back to normal in Burkina Faso. The capital is quiet now, major stores are re-opening and airport flights are resuming.

Our team leaders in the ABC school in Bobo, Hinrik Thorsteinsson and Gudny Ragnhildur Jonasdottir, went shopping yestarday to stock up and everything went well.

An admission board has been appointed in the ABC school in Star of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya.

The board is entrusted with the task of selecting which children will be admitted into the school.

The board members:

Caleb Otieno Ongere, administrator

Rose K. Asila, matron & store manager

Michael Ouma Ohola, deputy administrator

Viyelina Karanja, head of social work

Siprosa Ananda Dalla, chairman of the parents committee




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