Our students in the ABC school in Star of Hope in Kenya were invited to part in the 2016 Francophonie day which is organized by the French Embassy at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies.

The Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Dr. Patrick Njoroge, was a special guest at the event.

As we have already covered the poetry group in Star of Hope have performed extremely well in the qualifications for the Kenya Music Festivals. Two preliminary rounds are over and the group got 1st place in both. Last year the group finished second overall in the final competition.

Our poetry group in the ABC school Star of Hope in Kenya continues to do amazing things.

Our group of students excelled in the first preliminary round for The Kenya Music Festivals and recieved the highest grade ever bestowed. Local schools met in the first round and the result has ensured our poetry group into the second round. Last August our group came in second place in the competition which is an extraordinary achievement.

Last year the management of the Central Bank of Kenya requested a performance from our poetry group at the organization's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Students at Brekkubaejarskoli, a middle school in a town called Akranes, held a bingo tournament at their school for family members and donated the profits to ABC Children's Aid. The sum was 30.000 ISK, roughly around 235 dollars.

The students had been examining The UN Convention Rights of the Child and were, among other things, shown a video depicting the reality in the slums in Kenya. They really wanted to lend a hand and held the bingo even soon after.

We thank them dearly for their donation.


Volunteers Hilmar Kristinsson and Anna Thorsteinsdottir spent roughly four months in Ecole ABC de Bobo in Burkina Faso. While there they lent a hand with all the massive tasks that arose during their stay.

The shot and edited a video which showcases well the work that's being done there.

Click here to view

An Icelandic company, Tengill ehf., donated over 90 computers to ABC children's aid. They were sent to our school in Burkina Faso and today the students over there have begun their computer studies.

The computers were shipped from Iceland to Jacob's Well in Hull, England, where they were transported in a container to Burkina Faso. The director of Tengill ehf expressed his interest in ensuring these computers would serve a function after an elementary school had renewed all their computers. Since there were no empty spaces in our school in Burkina Faso, a room was created where students have been learning auto shop and carpentry.

Gully, one of two team leaders in Burkina Faso, is extremely pleased at having these computers. "We're very grateful and this really takes us to another level", she says.


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