The students at the ABC school Star of Hope in Kenya performed brilliantly in The Kenya Music Festivals. Their poem "The Nervous Race" took first prize and they also secured two number 2 positions, a 6th place finish and a 10th place finish in other competitions involving poetry.

They represented Nairobi after great success in a number of preliminary rounds and certainly performed well in the finals. A great bunch of students and we couldn't be more proud.

Every year there‘s a big event called „The Reykjavik Marathon“ and this year it will take place on August 20th.

Individuals can choose how far they run. There‘s a kid‘s marathon, 3 K Fun Run, 10 K Race, a half marathon and a full marathon of 42 K.  Runners can choose to support a charity and people then sponsor them for their run and the money goes to the charity.

This year 168 charities are registered and over 35 million ISK have been raised at the time of writing and this number will increase greatly by the time the event takes place. ABC Children‘s Aid is among those charities and already a number of people have signed up to sponsor us.


Below is a link to the charities registered and there it‘s possible to sponsor a runner and therefore donate to the charity of your choosing. It‘s all in Icelandic but it‘s easy to navigate and ABC Children‘s Aid (called ABC barnahjálp) is the first charity listed.



The students at the ABC school in Nairobi in Kenya continue their success in the Kenya Music Festivals. Already they have secured their place as representatives of Nairobi and they are competing in the finals. Yesterday they won another round at the Safaricom Stadium which houses around 60.000 people.

There's further competition today and we'll send them pleasant thoughts as they take the stage.

This is a terrific group of students and we couldn't be more proud of them.

We're glad to announce that the annual fund raiser "Children help children" raised over 7.8 million ISK, which is over 62.000 dollars. The event took place from April 1st and lasted until the 17th of the same month. Schoolchildren went door to door and to nearby stores and establishments with collection buckets and raised money for ABC Children's Aid.


Over 80 schools took part and nearly 2.600 students contributed.

We thank these important ambassadors for their great efforts for our work.


Armand Benidict Layno enjoys sponsorship and is a student at Molfrid Center in the Philippines. He has never known anything but poverty and his mother earns a living by picking up dry sticks or wood in the forest and she sells them in her neighborhood.

Armand's father died of a heart attack when he was four years old. He wants to become a doctor so he can prevent others from suffering the same fate. Armand is one of the top ten in his class but first and foremost it's thanks to his sponsorship that he's able to pursue his dream.


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