Volunteers Hilmar Kristinsson and Anna Thorsteinsdottir spent roughly four months in Ecole ABC de Bobo in Burkina Faso. While there they lent a hand with all the massive tasks that arose during their stay.

The shot and edited a video which showcases well the work that's being done there.

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An Icelandic company, Tengill ehf., donated over 90 computers to ABC children's aid. They were sent to our school in Burkina Faso and today the students over there have begun their computer studies.

The computers were shipped from Iceland to Jacob's Well in Hull, England, where they were transported in a container to Burkina Faso. The director of Tengill ehf expressed his interest in ensuring these computers would serve a function after an elementary school had renewed all their computers. Since there were no empty spaces in our school in Burkina Faso, a room was created where students have been learning auto shop and carpentry.

Gully, one of two team leaders in Burkina Faso, is extremely pleased at having these computers. "We're very grateful and this really takes us to another level", she says.

A big Christmas party was held at Molfrid School in Quezon City in the Philippines. The teachers and children prepared a program full of song and dance with Candy Rain and an appearance by Jolly Bee.

The parents had prepared food which every class shared together. Every child also got a Christmas present and there were a lot of happy faces.

During the party there was a presentation of Christmas decorations out of recycled materials and winners of the best ones were announced.

A big thank you to our sponsors for making this Christmas party possible.



Our ABC children make good of an opportunity when it presents itself.

Nyanzi Rogers has been a beneficiary of ABC Children's Aid since 1998 as his parents were unable to provide him an education. He began studies at ABC primary school in Uganda and he completed advanced level in Kitetika college in 2013. He received top grades in science class that year.

The directors at Kitetika were so pleased with Nyanzi that they gave him an opportunity to tutor fellow students in his free time and that included subjects such as biology, agriculture and geography. The nationwide success of Kitetika college and it's students continues to grow and Nyanzi has been a part of that.

Currently he's studying for a Bachelor's degree n Agriculture at Makerere University and he wants to specialize in Bio-technology under crop science. No doubt Nyanzi will excel in his studies.


The students at the ABC school Star of Hope in Kenya are nothing short of fantastic. They gave an outstanding performance at the Central Bank of Kenya head offices during the launch of the Bank's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Present in two of the photos is the Central Bank of Kenya Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge.



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